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Epoxy and Tile Adhesives Suppliers in Chennai

Epoxy and Tile Adhesives Suppliers in Chennai– Royal Enterprises is highly effective Epoxy – Tile Adhesive provided by us in the market and affordable price.

Epoxy And Tile Adhesives Suppliers In Chennai – Royal Enterprises, offers wide range of cement and epoxy tile adhesives and group for bonding and grouting all types of ceramic tiles or natural stones indoors or out, or tiling to residential and commercial projects, or large infrastructure concrete bonding. We are the manufacturer of choice assisting you with expert technical advice and guidance in selecting the correct adhesive solution that meet market requirements.

Smart benefits of Royal Enterprises Chennai

Epoxy and Tiles adhesives are recognized for their ability to provide impressively strong bonds for interior vertical and horizontal tiling applications, as well as their excellent resistance to high temperatures and marginal shrinkage when cured. Ideal for setting ceramic, quarry, porcelain, granite, slate, Terrazzo and moisture sensitive stone tile.

Our Epoxy And Tile Adhesives are especially suitable for:

  • Common settings where the use of epoxy and tiles adhesives would be beneficial
  • Commercial kitchens, lobbies, swimming pools, bathrooms, fast food restaurants, breweries, dairies, wineries, factories, shopping malls, meat processors and distilleries
  • Unlike other tiles adhesive solutions, our epoxies provide great workability for easier application, while retaining strength of bond when applied to well-prepared substrates.

We also deliver a level of service and support that is unique in the industry, providing expert help and assistance throughout all phases of a project. Support available in our extensive field and laboratory technical service ensures that our customers produce consistently high quality concrete.

Our Different Types Of Tile Adhesives

Used to permanently fix different types of tiles adhesives and stones, the common types of tile adhesives – cementations of tiles adhesives, dispersion of tiles adhesives, and reaction resin epoxy and tiles adhesives – have varying degrees of bond strength, open times, slip resistance, and flexibility defined by the use-case or area of application for the installation. We provide a comprehensive range of tiling adhesive and epoxy solutions that help you achieve the desired aesthetic epoxy, durability epoxy and tiles adhesives, and professional results of our Royal Enterprises.

Royal Enterprises Manufactures And Supplies:

  • Segmental bridge construction and general purpose concrete structural grade bonding with epoxy based adhesives
  • General purpose concrete adhesives and concrete/mortar modifiers based on acrylic emulsion and as bonding agent
  • Tiling adhesive and grout products based on polymer modified cement and epoxy

Our systems are easily applied, cost-effective and have the proven technology to ensure long term durability. Whether it’s ceramic tiles or natural stone, indoors or out, residential or commercial, large infrastructure concrete bonding or even underwater fixing, you can trust to deliver the right solution. Our range also includes self-leveling underlay products for tiling applications in commercial, residential and industrial projects.

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FAQ’s about Epoxy and Tile Adhesives

Epoxy flooring is made with a resin mixed with a hardening chemical. The chemical reaction turns the mixture into a hard floor that is very resistant to things that would damage other types of flooring.

Epoxy grout can successfully overcome the issues faced with cementitious grout, such as: Moisture absorption in cementitious grouts is high,which gets passed on to the screed.

The cost of installation can also vary depending on the type of flooring. Epoxy and adhesive is generally easier to install than tile, so the installation costs are usually lower.

Durability: A high-end epoxy is more durable than traditional marble slabs, which can be easily chipped, scratched, and stained. Just like marble, these countertops are resistant to heat and impact, making them ideal for use in the kitchen.

Epoxy floor coatings offer many advantages when compared to other traditional coatings applied over concrete: Creates a shiny high-gloss surface that can significantly increase the brightness of interior areas.

Type 3 Adhesive
This adhesive is suitable mainly for tiles and stone tiles on exterior wall substrates like plaster or concrete.

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