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Parking Tiles And Pavers Suppliers In Chennai

Parking Tiles and Pavers Suppliers in Chennai– Royal Enterprises provide an unique & delicate small size and pallete of colours in our parking tiles and pavers.

Parking Tiles and Pavers Suppliers in Chennai – Royal Enterprises is a famous name in the Parking tiles industry and Pavers Suppliers with projects that have modernized and reinvigorated the coastal city of Chennai. At Royal Enterprises, we focus on modern design with distinct architecture and world-class amenities for gracious living. We don’t just suppliers of tiles we supplies of parking tiles and pavers suppliers also in Chennai, but also lifestyles! Our projects are aesthetically oriented and innovative, helping you build your dream home into reality.

Parking Tiles and Paver suppliers in Chennai

We are one of the Chennai’s largest independent Suppliers of Parking Tiles and Pavers Suppliers of 20mm Outdoor Porcelain Garden Paving, Natural Sandstone Patio Paving Slabs and Kitchen & Bathroom Wall and Floor Tiles to all over areas in Chennai.

We are passionate about sourcing the finest materials from across the world to give you the opportunity to create your own beautiful home or garden project at the best prices.

Benefits of Tile Flooring In the Home

  • Floor Tiles Are Versatile. …
  • There Are Tons of Options. …
  • They’re Easy to and Cost-Effective to Install. …
  • Tiles Are Simple to Keep Clean. …
  • They’re Low Maintenance. …
  • Perfect for High-Traffic Areas. …
  • Tiles Are Sustainable. …
  • They Improve Air Quality in Your Home.

Best in Thickness Paver Suppliers

All of our Porcelain is made to the highest specification; at 20mm thickness and having an R11 Anti Slip texture it is suitable for all weathers in the Chennai environment that we live in keeping it safe and friendly for the whole family all year round.

Royals Tradition Paving Methods

Royal Enterprises, Parking Tiles and Paving is extremely durable ensuring it is very easy to keep clean and is stain resistant. Simply wipe up and spills and dirt with a damp cloth.
It is scratch resistant and frost proof unlike some other traditional paving methods. Did you know our 20mm Porcelain Paving can even be used for a driveway and vehicle traffic areas? Porcelain Paving is fast becoming one the number best choice for garden patios and paths in the Chennai.

Our technical advisors are available to give detailed technical advice, help with product selection and product application advice. Contact us by phone on +91 90030 91296, by email:

Royal Enterprises and Virtual Space Creator lets you select tiles and design your home from the comfort of your own space. You can browse the complete range of Royal tiles, view 3D previews, and see how selected tiles look on both floors and walls. Additionally, you can customise your space with furniture and fixtures using tiles that fit your budget in ultra-realistic 3D.

Meanwhile, The Smart Code Technology lets you scan and preview tile designs in 3D and 360°. Customise size and space preferences for a better showroom experience. Each tile design comes with Smart Code Technology that allows you to scan and view realistic previews.

Our Upcoming project, Royal Enterprises – Combines aristocracy with grace. Spread across 3.5 acres of prime property on one of the most coveted locations in Chennai.

Porcelain paving will enhance any garden or outdoor patio area with its modern stunning designs which give you the appearance of natural stone and slate.
Enjoy the huge benefits of porcelain paving in your home and garden.

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I have been running a company For 30 years and have worked with many different parking tiles suppliers. Most of the come and go with price changes and quality issues. But I have never found another Paver and parking tiles supplier that can match industrial tiles. Royal Enterprises price, quality and service. I would recommend them to anyone looking for help with tiles.

Thank you so much for give a best Parking tiles and pavers supply for us – we have now raised over and growing quickly.

I take the privilege in conveying you my thanks for having your best quality tiles  which which is so good and different pattern of designs.

Thanks to Royal Enterprises for provide a good Pavers supplier in Chennai.  I baught a bulk tiles for my garden and parking area with best offer also.

FAQ’s about Parking Tiles And Pavers

Vitrified tiles are a great option for outdoor usage, including parking spaces. This is because of their material composition includes silica, clay, feldspar and quartz. The process of hydraulic pressure and verification gives the tiles a glass-like appearance.

The parking tiles are available in various sizes such as 300×300 mm, 400×400 mm, 600×600 mm, etc. What is the thickness of parking tiles? Parking tiles come in various thicknesses ranging from 9mm to 13 mm.

Polished Vitrified Tiles.

Digital Glazed Vitrified Tiles.

Digital Glazed Vitrified Tiles.

Pavers, or paving stones, are usually made from concrete, brick or natural stone. The surface texture is usually rough and porous. They’re thicker, usually 3/4″ or more, compared to the fraction of an inch of a typical tile.

Paving is a similar form of tile or brick surface covering with a focus on exterior applications. Typically, pavers are often larger than standard tiles for use on driveways, footpaths, patios, courtyards, landscaping and other outdoor areas.

However, even though the upfront cost of pavers is higher, concrete pavers offer greater value and durability than poured concrete and stamped concrete.

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